1. Movie Script
I’m writing a movie script. I’m writing a movie of my live…
I combine film genres: action film, psychological drama, thriller, fantasy elements.
It is the challenge of my life.
I’m writing a story spread between several characters and three main characters.


2. We started to work on a theatrical performance based on my script that I wrote in 2022.
It is a psychological drama and a study of sensitive love divided into two roles.
SHE- Natalia Sikora
HE- Grzegorz Daukszewicz
Direction- Maria Seweryn
Script- Natalia Sikora
The performance is for all who try to self-transcend, it’s dedicated to highly sensitive people.


3. In March 2023 we are planning a premiere of the monodrama about Marina Cwietajewa in RONDO theater in Słupsk as part of the theater’s 50th anniversary celebration. The Theater in which I decided to live for people on the stage and leave on it traces of sensitivity.
Direction and script- Stanisław Otto Miedziewski




4. New original music album
There will be many mergers in it. It will be a combination of soul and blues in post- rock arrangements connecting the feeling from different music genre.
The person who watches over the arrangements is Hadrian Filip Tabęcki. There will be two magical surprises, two duets with Marek Piekarczyk and Dariusz Kozakiewicz.
A special quest is Warren Haynes who will compose music to a song. I want to preform this song on a well know festival.
Lyrics- Natalia Sikora
Music- Hadrian Filip Tabęcki, Winicjusz Chróst, Darek Kozakiewicz, Paweł Stankiewicz, Natalia Sikora
Arrangements- Hadrian Filip Tabęcki


5. New original music album
It will be a combination of Hip-hop with various genres of music on orchestra spaces.
Lyrics- Natalia Sikora
Music & arrangements- Dominik Strycharski


6. I’m painting a new picture titled “THE BLUES IN ME”
Acrylic 100x150
A fragment of the painting in the picture.