This concert is a combination of my own albums: „BWB Experience – BEZLUDNA WYSPA BLUESA” (2013, Universal), „AILATAN” (2019, Agora), „VOODOO DOG”. IT’S A ROCK, BLUES, HARD ROCK, FUNK, PUNK AND METAL rideeee with my texts and some texts from authors that are near me.

Przecież mnie znasz - YouTube

Natalia Sikora - Euforia - YouTube

Natalia Sikora - Koniec - YouTube

PS Moby Dick - YouTube

Natalia Sikora - Transpotomny - YouTube

Natalia Sikora - Ostrożnie, to moje serce (Official Video) - YouTube

Natalia Sikora - W ogniu (Official video) #Zostańwdomu #KulturalnaStrefa - YouTube

Tu Blues! - YouTube

Fatamorgana - YouTube

Vocal - Natalia Sikora

Guitars - Paweł Stankiewicz, Krzysztof Nowicki

Bass - Wojciech Ruciński

Percussion - Sławek Kazulak / Olaf Rykała



The concert “Kawałki Serca '' consists of original works from the album “BWB EXPERIENCE”, “AILATAN”, “VOODOO DOG”. The songs by artists such as Anna German, Czesław Niemen, Mira Kubasińska and arrangements to Norwid and Herbert poetry. The whole concert is arranged for voice, piano and clarinets.

Vocal - Natalia Sikora

Piano - Hadrian Filip Tabęcki

Clarinets - Mario Jeka

Guitar - Paweł Stankiewicz


NATALIA SIKORA “CZARNE ANIOŁY …wyprowadzę z rzeczy cienie…”

"War Poems" (fragments)

„I will open you the golden sky

In which white thread of silence

Like a nut full of sounds

That will crack to live with

Green leaves 

Songs of lakes

Playing dusk

Till the milk nucleus will show the bird whistle


Only take from my eyes 

The painful glass- painting of these days

Which rolls white skulls

Through burning fields of blood

Only change the cripple time

Cover graves with the river’s coat

Wipe off the battle dust from hair

From these angry years

Black dust”

Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński

„Black Angels”, who spin their whispers in the songs of Ewa Demarczyk in my performance, will become Angels of Light. I focused the whole transformation of this interpretation on releasing the Demons from the past, darkness, curses and cold which isolated them for years from everyone who tried to get closer. I take the risk to approach and warm them with compassion. Alone and abandoned Love will find new lovers and dance Tango, which will be played by the band Tango Attack in the arrangements by Hadrian Filip Tabęcki. The shadows which are souls will be our guides through many threads in a web of thoughts and feelings because „I will bring out shadows from things”. Let this music material speak to us anew: with beautiful melodies, rhythms and everything that we desire secretly when silence comes unintentionally in our stimulated minds. Still valid and alive poetry will become images of the World for us again. A World that has not changed that we can still save, only us- Humans. Are the shivers that I feel now the Smile of your soul, Eve? I would like to thank the Polonia Theater with my heart, which will become the home of this Challenge. Welcome.

Vocal – Natalia Sikora

Piano – Hadrian Filip Tabęcki

Clarinets – Mario Jeka

Guitar –  Piotr Malicki

Bandoneon – Grzegorz Bożewicz

 Photo by Krzysztof Opaliński Poster by Paweł Sadowski & Natalia Sikora


“BWB EXPERIENCE- BEZLUDNA WYSPA BLUESA” is a Blues Opera. It is an original work that was created in 2014. During the LIVE performance it is energetic and colorful work. For its Nature we must look into the distant time when a bunch of hippies were engulfed by a creative invasion of reacting to the chaos. The Risk and adrenalin here are all about the power of expression. The lyrics are used to build up the state. Music encrypted in Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Rock’n’roll, trance and progressive accents define the space in different states. The whole show is a world between life and death, power and weakness, faith and damnation, and all “between” is The Freedom BWB Experience, quite an unobvious journey of the soul and its elements. I invite you to a deserted island of Blues.

Natalia Sikora - Euforia - YouTube

Natalia Sikora - Koniec - YouTube

PS Moby Dick - YouTube

Vocal - Natalia Sikora

Piano/ Hammond - Piotr Proniuk

Bass - Michał Lamża

Guitar - Paweł Stankiewicz

Percussion - Marek Kuczyński



It’s an innovative perspective of Herbert who with his genius feeds the next generation of people hungry for poetry… The arrangement of vocal and vocal ensemble ProModern, piano and clarinet make that Herbert poetry can reach the audience through all senses, meanings, and levels. Not only thinking but also emotions.


Cykle i wydarzenia - Wydarzenia - Teatr Polski im. Arnolda Szyfmana w Warszawie

Wiersze Herberta wyśpiewała Natalia Sikora. XXI "Herbertiada" w... (

Poetry - Zbigniew Herbert

Music - Hadrian Filip Tabęcki

Vocal - Natalia Sikora,

Vocal ensemble ProModern:

soprano - Marta Czarkowska

mezzo-soprano - Ewa Puchalska

mezzo-soprano - Ewelina Rzezińska

tenor - Aleksander Rewiński

baritone - Krzysztof Chalimoniuk

bass - Piotr Peron

clarinets - Mario Jeka

Piano - Hadrian Filip Tabęcki



Norwid is a genius. I fell in love with Him from my Gymnasium school. It is that type of love for life. I have been singing Norwid in many different versions and arrangements, and consistently I discover how brilliantly He named the difficult thing in humans, how he managed to explain it, how He confronted the sincerity and truth world with the false world. False, is a human illness which in today’s world is everywhere but in parallel with it we have the hunger for truth. We need a cure for that. One of them is Poetry. My songs and interpretations of Czesław Niemen.

Ty Mnie do Pieśni Pokornej Nie Wołaj - YouTube

Daj Mi Wstążkę Błękitną - YouTube

Vocal - Natalia Sikora



We are hungry for honesty and truth. We are hungry for affection. We are hungry for liberty. We get lost looking for self-love and love for others. Nobody like Janis, my soul sister, does not tear ties of slavery, nobody shouts for freedom and burns in the name of love. That’s why I go back to Janis. I want to burn for you with love and the same fire like she did. I invite you to the concert BURIED ALIVE IN THE BLUES. Natalia Sikora


Natalia Sikora - Ball and Chain (Buried Alive in the Blues Project) - YouTube

FLOWER IN THE SUN Natalia Sikora VOODOO DOG (2016) - YouTube

Vocal - Natalia Sikora

Guitars - Paweł Stankiewicz, Krzysztof Nowicki

Bass- Wojciech Ruciński

Percussion - Sławek Kazulak / Olaf Rykała